Soul: Supportive.

The Cosmic Mage is a character that can be troublesome and maddening for your opponents. It's impossible to tell what a Cosmic Mage has planned. The Cosmic Mage can deal damage or simply dispose of your most valuable character for a single turn.


  • Cosmic Teleport - Transports characters over short or long distances. Preparation: 1 turn.
  • Warp - Shifts a friend or foe into another dimension, before placing him back into a random spot. Percentage chance to cause a violent, hostile monstrosity to spawn from the void, replacing your friend or foe for 1 turn. Preparation: 1 turn.
  • Black Hole - Destructive area-of-effect magic that deals increasing damage closer to the point of incantation. Preparation: 1 turn.
  • Meteor - 2x2 area-of-effect magic that can leave foes burned or stunned for 1 turn. Preparation: 1 turn.
  • Suppression - Silences all enemies surrounding the Cosmic Mage. If on the following turn the silenced characters are still 1 square away from the Cosmic Mage, they're stunned for 1 turn. Preparation: Instant.