Soul: Defensive.

The Shieldbearer is the starting class for people who have chosen the Defensive soul as their core. The Shieldbearer is a stalwart protector, the barrier which foes have to smash through to reach your other allies. Using strength and vigor, the Shieldbearer is able to defend against multiple enemies at once, protecting your allies from harms-way.


  • Shield Bash - Preforms a weak attack using your shield. 30/45/45/60/75% chance to stun the opponent.
  • Armadillo Charge - Shieldbearer rushes at the enemy up to 2 squares away knocking them back with a 5/15/25/35/45% stun chance.
  • Spit - Shieldbearer spits at the enemy up to 3 squares away forcing them to attack the Shieldbearer the next turn.
  • Dynamic Entry - If an ally in 2 squares range is hit, Shieldbearer switches places with him and absorbs the damage.
  • (Passive) Defense Precision - Each time Shieldbearer gets hit with a physical attack, his armor increases by 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5%